We devise new sales approaches or advise our clients on existing strategies if needed. We identify and examine the key steps of a sales process and help set expectations and measure results.

Many small businesses allow prospects to sit in one part of the campaign for too long and are often reluctant to take them out of the cycle. We introduce new prospects into the cycle and work on pushing current prospects through. This makes it easier to get rid of those who aren’t likely to convert and are blocking the system.

We help our clients to improve sales by measuring ‘sales cycle velocity’ and monitoring other key indicators for positive change and making room for growth.

Hands-on delivery

We don’t just offer advice to our clients – we follow through as well. After receiving product and service training from our clients we then go out into the field and proactively win new business for them. We often don’t need our clients’ key people to get involved until we come to negotiation and deal closing stages.

We negotiate on behalf of our clients and get the deals done for them – making sure their customers always know the benefits to their business.

Won new business for client with Aviva and an NHS trust