GDPR Compliance Service

Data Protection is not new for businesses though since the major changes in May 2018, being GDPR compliant (with the General Data Protection Regulation) has become even more visible as big brands have been failing.

As a business, are you 100% sure that you are risk free of any personal data breach and subsequent fines, and you have the right systems and processes in place to support this?

At Steadcross, we can support you with a GDPR service to ensure you are handling, processing and storing personal data legally.

What your GDPR service will provide

GDPR Heath Check

An on-site meeting with our Business Analyst will establish:
1. Types and location of data storage.
2. Areas of compliance and non-compliance to the GDPR regulations.
3. Requirements and actions for compliance.
You will receive a health check summary on your current status and required actions.

GDPR Compliance Implementation

We will provide on-site support working with your team to ensure you are ‘green to go’ compliant and the health check summary actions are operational and sustainable.

We will set up and refine your systems and processes to be GDPR compliant.

Ongoing Compliance

Regular onsite review and hands-on support to keep you compliant, along with an annual GDPR Health Check report for your board and management.

Read our GDPR Blogs to find out more about being compliant.

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Working with companies to ensure GDPR Compliance