Customer Retention

Your customers are your most valuable asset. Without customers you have no business. Attracting new customers is vitally important but keeping the ones you have even more so.


Do you have a customer retention strategy? Do you follow it? How often do you contact your customers?

If your sales cycle is regular (customers return weekly, monthly, annually, etc. following up when customers are due to re purchase or when they break from the usual pattern, whilst costly in both time and effort, is extremely valuable in terms of customer retention and your profit. To be effective, the following up needs to be done in a proactive, positive and timely way.

Where customer purchases are likely to more ad hoc it is important to keep in contact with them from time to time, even when not marketing specific products or services. This could be a customer care call or newsletter for example. The frequency of contact varies depending on various factors, we can help devise a suitable strategy for your circumstances.


Why has your customer not come back to you?

Sometimes following up will not result in retaining the customer’s business but in that situation, it could prove invaluable to get some constructive feedback on why. This is particularly important if they are now buying from your competition and may enable you to stem the flow early by making small changes.


Make the customer feel valued

Following up with a customer, if done correctly, makes the customer feel valued. It’s important to check how things are going, remind them of your products and services and ask for their feedback.


Customer Retention Can Positively Impact Growth

Retaining customers can increase their longterm value to your business and bring in new business through referrals.

That’s why retention can dramatically improve your bottom line.



Why Steadcross?

We are members of the Direct Marketing Association (DMA); an industry body which enforces extremely high standards. This gives you the confidence of a quality service, compliant with data protection and privacy regulations.

We offer flexible and affordable services and you are not locked into long-term contracts. You will buy our time to carry out the work which you don’t have capacity to do yourselves.