Client 1

The client aims to return to pre-recession turnover of £2m and Steadcross was commissioned to develop business in the public sector leisure market.

We spent 2 years building a relationship for a client with a major operator in the leisure industry. We represented the client in face-to-face meetings and presentations, whilst building an understanding of their expectations, drivers and needs. As with many opportunities of this scale, there were no excuses in being a small business:

“If you want to do business with the big players, you have to behave like one.”

Over a 12 month period, this amounts to a £1,800,000 business opportunity for our client. This is transformational not only in the size of the opportunity but in the impact it will have on wider sales.

Steadcross offers a flexible service to our clients and in this project we provide a combination of key services: sales, marketing, business development and customer relationships/account management.

In the last reported financial year, our sales team accounted for 40% of this client’s income, which was double the expectation.

We invested resources in understanding the market sector and built a strategy to develop relationships with key decision makers. This includes devising and running marketing campaigns, attending networking events, giving presentations to membership organisations and trade exhibitions. We learned to understand the key drivers for local authority leisure centres and developed our ‘Business Impact Study’, a value proposition, as part of the qualification process for centres which express initial interest.

Managing expectations

The time-scales in the public sector are often longer than in private sector transactions, so we manage expectations whilst devising and running strategic marketing campaigns to introduce a higher proportion of prospects in the sales pipeline.

Planning for the future

We have developed an aggressive 5-year plan to build the client’s market share and transform the business. In the last reported year, we introduced over £320k new business and turned around current customer relationships to become prospects and marketing assets.

We also added value to the business in other areas:

  • Re-establishing and maintaining relationships with past customers
  • Developing a business strategy to deliver £5m turnover by 2020 and sustainable growth thereafter
  • Working with key partners to devise creative B2B marketing assets and campaigns

If your business is ready for an exciting period of growth and you think our approach would add value, please get in touch:

David Heathcote

Business Development Manager


T: 01484 294490