5 Considerations for Outsourcing for your Business


At first sight, as a business you may consider employing a new member of staff for the same budget as outsourcing to an agency. In some cases this may be right, depending on what your business needs at that time.

Though is it worth keeping it all in-house if it’s a short-term need? Perhaps it could be considered to be false economy if you need a short term campaign such as a rolling-out a customer care call campaign, a small piece of market research or a temporary lead generation campaign?

Let us give you our opinion on what to consider when making this decision – should you hire a new employee or outsource to a business services agency like Steadcross?

1: Managing additional staff

Consider the skills you are hiring; do you have the experience or time to manage your staff and dedicate the proper amount of time to training and performance management? Will the new employee sit within a team, share experiences and solve issues together or is their sole support from their line manager?

With outsourcing you are hiring skills that sit within a team that is managed.
Can you afford the time to manage them?

2: The cost of an employee

We work on a project by project basis, whereas an employee is likely to be working with you for years – and what if you and they aren’t the right fit.
Consider the costs of employment, recruitment, training, holiday and sick pay, National Insurance, pension, HR, office and insurance costs, management time etc.

3: Budget control

Outsourcing gives you financial control, particularly if there is a clearly defined, fixed budget for time and materials set against performance outcomes. This also enables you to grow your business within your current infrastructure as office space, equipment and related costs can be considerable.

4: As-and-when business resource

You may be considering trying out new markets, without placing additional demands on your team or taking them away from current projects. Outsourcing keeps your workforce happy and provides space to grow.

Outsourcing is a flexible resource to engage on a project or seasonal basis. At Steadcross, we prefer to work on a project basis within a defined timeframe, budget and expectations. This is good for our clients and keeps us both focused on desired outcomes.

5: Your Time

Do you have the time to dedicate to genuine customer care? Taking time out to communicate with your existing customers can pave the way to creating happy advocates for your products and services and win ongoing business.

Outsourcing is an effective way to achieve this in a short, defined project.

Worth having a conversation about outsourcing some of your business?

At Steadcross, we have developed expertise over many years, transferring skills from different projects and constantly considering and discussing within the team new solutions to unique issues that arise during their work.

The costs and benefits of outsourcing need to be considered in the wider context of your business, so it is certainly worth having a conversation with a business services agency like Steadcross before you make your decision. You may find that outsourcing for a project is a more beneficial and cost-effective solution.

Author:   David Heathcote, Business Development Manager, Steadcross.com
David works across many client projects, either directly or supporting the team.


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