Enjoying Telemarketing

David Heathcote, a Steadcross Business Bevelopment Manager, shares some thoughts on making effective lead generation phone calls.

“Enjoy each conversation and don’t worry what they think about you”.

I was given this advice from a mentor, which transformed the way I approach telemarketing calls.

There are several important parts of my mentor’s advice:


“Find your own way to make your call list a happy experience. I use a 5-bar gate system to tally how many calls I’ve made, knowing that as I reach say 15, I am near to a ‘yes’. Even a negative result is then a step closer to a positive outcome.”

As telemarketers we must find a way to enjoy our conversations. If we believe in the value of our call and like chatting with people, we should enjoy picking up the phone. We also need to allocate a good stretch of time so we don’t feel unnecessarily pressured.


“Be bold and allow them in on the conversation. Don’t push your own needs through but get them on your side and use naturally any point of connection: their location, their recent news, referencing similar organisations etc.”

Engaging people in conversation is key to effective marketing and sales calls. This may sound obvious but the truth really is that people buy from people and if we enjoy building a conversation with them, we will have much more fun and get better results. Allowing space to relax into a conversation is an effective way of engaging people.

If we give them time to respond, we can relax and realise a key element of conversation: it involves two people! Therefore, be brave and allow them to take part. This includes giving them a couple of seconds to say ‘hello’ after the initial introduction.

Don’t worry

“Our mindset is critical to putting ourselves and those we’re talking to at ease. What’s the worse that can happen? There is a ‘yes’ out there so keep dialling till you find it.”

Yes we have targets – appointments and leads generated or sales made – but the key thing is to generate a string of conversations or, as our client puts it, a ‘pipeline of activity’. If we focus only on our personal end goal it will shine through and we don’t get the result we’re worried about. Instead enjoy the moment and create that conversation.

This applies to gatekeepersdecision makers and influencers.


“They can still ‘see’ us even though there’s a phone between us. From our words and our tone they will create an image of us, just as we do with them.”

Be yourself and be natural. That will surely win people over!


David Heathcote is a business Development Manager for Steadcross and works on many different client projects either directly or supporting our team.


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