Don’t Have Time to Keep in Touch with your Customers? #customercare

We know that for SMEs, staying in touch with your existing customers to offer a positive customer experience can sometimes fall down the list of priorities, as the day-to-day practicalities of running your business take over.

Finding out what your customers like, don’t like, resolving a problem and learning how you can improve your service or product with just one phone call is invaluable.  All businesses are striving for happy, satisfied customers which in turn results in customer retention and customer advocacy.

Let’s face it, no business can afford to lose their customers to a competitor or bad service. So find out before it’s too late what your customers really think!

How customer care calls can help you stay informed

Recently, we started a customer care campaign for a client in the leisure sector. In just one week, we had over 25 conversations with their clients and the feedback proved invaluable. Not only is this information helping to improve sales figures, it’s feeding back valuable customer knowledge and also helping to retain our clients’ customers.

  1. Early intervention helps to resolve problems: We discovered that the staff needed more training and the equipment required protective covering to minimise wear and tear.
  2. Updated customer database: During our conversations we identified the initial key contacts (buyers and influencers) had changed their email addresses or were no longer working in the company. This allowed us to gather new leads and update their contact information.
  3. Customer feedbackThrough informal conversations about their use of the equipment and membership behaviour, we identified that the clients were ready for upgraded equipment as well as marketing support to engage more users.

Your customers are already engaged with your brand, so don’t be afraid to have a chat with them.


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