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The power of design in marketing and sales

David Heathcote, former Head of Business Development for Andrassy Media

Design and content are a crucial marketing and sales tool for engaging potential customers. Gone are the days when logos, websites and printed materials are expected just to look nice; these are now powerful tools that communicate key brand messages and distinguish a company from its competitors.

A logo, for example, creates identity and websites and printed materials engage customers in unique journeys that focus on benefits to them and not just features.

An independent optician engaged Andrassy Media to develop their website and create a series of strategic marketing interventions over a period of six months. Making the company look good was just the starting point; what was really important was engaging potential customers through design and powerful content that helped them to see the benefits of offer.

Design and content were key to distinguishing Andrassy Medias client from other local opticians. Andrassy Media created a bold website design that framed the most important message: we care about your lifestyle and your eye health. Through the website design, the customer was told: yes, we sell frames and contact lenses but thats only part of it; we share your vision of a healthy and happy lifestyle and we create options that suit you.

Over a six-month period, Andrassy Media transformed the relationship with its customers by:

  • Designing a website that created a shared vision of quality of life and health
  • Carrying the brand identity through to the shop front design and window displays, which continued to engage the customer;
  • Creating content for printed material that encouraged the customer to progress from trusting the brand through to forming a tangible relationship with it.

This created key benefits for Andrassy Medias client:

  • Doubling sales for the annual half-price frame sale, compared with the previous year;
  • Increased footfall to the shop by 50%;
  • Created loyalty and repeat custom.
  • Design and content are your opportunity to tell your organisations story. If a prospect understands you, they are well on the way to becoming your loyal customer.

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