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Cyber Attack – Don’t be caught out like the NHS!

Our IT support team RAE Computing has issued a critical communication on the recent cyber attack. Here are some steps they advise you to take to protect your information systems.

“After an unprecedented attack of Ransomware, everywhere in the world, numerous societies, Health institutions have been targeted and defeated

“The virus is called Wannacrypt and it is very infectious, Once it contaminates 1 pc or server, it spreads widely and at high speed thanks to a vulnerability of Windows. It then encrypts every file on the server / workstation available to it, then all network folders accessible. Once encrypted there is nothing that can be done, It’s a one way trap. The only way to recovery medium is through backups.

“We have created a plan of attack to stop this but action needs to be taken by you, as a stop gap we recommend the below actions until you seek professional advice:

“The first barrier against infection is you/your employees by being cautious when you open mails.

“Before opening any attachment (PDF, Word, Excel etc), it is imperative to ensure that the message is legitimate :

  • Do you know the sender?
  • Is the subject understandable and coherent with your job description / relation to the sender?
  • Is the language adapted to this kind of message?

“Please reply to this message or call [RAE Computing] on 01274 288090 and select Option 2 to book in preventative maintenance now.”

We hope this information from RAE Computing is helpful.